Westport Saloon Anniversary Weekend: This past weekend we celebrated 8 years of the Westport Saloon with a swath of stellar bands from across the region. Everything we do is support of musicians and music lovers alike, so thank you from the bottom of our Four Roses bottle– I mean heart– for making it all possible!

Joey Henry’s Dirty Sunshine Club (Wichita, KS) opened the weekend Thursday night with his banjo backed stories that have been known to cure the ailments of the soul. Carrie Nation & The Speakeasy (Wichita, KS) finished out night one with gusto. Those boys know how to get rowdy with some brass.

Night two of the weekend was brought to you by the greater Missouri area! The Fighting Side (St. Louis, MO) made the trek in from the Mississippi and brought the honky tonk with ’em. The Hooten Hallers (Columbia, MO) make a wall of sounds as a trio. They weren’t the only ones hollerin’ in the Saloon that night!

On Saturday, September 4th we closed the weekend out with a full night of Kansas City’s own The Old No. 5s & friends! On top of celebrating 8 years of the Westport Saloon, we got to celebrate 5 days of their new record. It was a full night of rock n’ roll that was the perfect cherry on top of the weekend!

You can check out the archived livestreams of each set on our YoutTube channel.

Full calendar of Westport Saloon shows HERE.

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