Firstly, from the Westport Saloon Family to yours, we hope that you are doing well and staying positive.  Everyone knows the situation, so I won’t dive into our Covid-19 sob story. Suffice it to say, it’s been tragic to everyone involved in live music; musicians, supporters, and venues alike.  It has always been our mission to support our wonderful and diverse music community.  Since 2013, we have hosted thousands of local and touring musicians, lodging many in our second story band hostel, curating meaningful live events and forming lasting relationships with family from across the globe.  Our mission has not changed and our resolve is stronger than ever.

Beginning October 26th, The Westport Saloon will resume our live broadcasts with a thoughtfully curated virtual venue running in tandem with our live events moving forward.  As many of you may know, we have live streamed all shows from The Westport Saloon since 2015 and archived them to our YouTube Channel.  We have made significant improvements and investments to bring to you a new, engaging and immersive live broadcast complete with multiple cameras, graphic overlays, scrolling tip information for the bands, and vastly improved audio.  We have also transformed a portion of our second floor band hostel into a podcast and acoustic sessions studio with a schedule of regular programming revolving around musicians and the music industry rolling out over winter.  We’re throwing our hail mary with virtual, live, and hybrid events so that we can continue our mission of supporting live music.

What does this mean for the fans?  

Whether you’re already out and about attending small live music events, or playing it safe and jonesing for a live music experience, we are doing our absolute best to keep you connected to the live music scene that you love!  All broadcasts and content will be offered free with the goal of boosting the signal for musicians as broadly as possible!  Follow us on any of our social channels and subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified when we go live.  You can watch directly from our website!  You can also checkout any past performances and programs archived to our YouTube channel and website.  All content will have links directly to the artists’ virtual tip buckets and merch stores!  Be sure to like, share, and subscribe after you tip the artists generously!

What does this mean for the artists?

Half capacities, limited hours, and the fact that we’re still in a global pandemic has made it exponentially more difficult to connect with fans, much less make money doing so.  We’re all in this together.  We’re also all in a learning process and anyone who claims to have it figured out is likely fooling themselves.  As a venue, we realize the only way to survive is to make sure we still have a community in place on the backend of the pandemic.  We also realize that sitting still isn’t an option and its time to get creative.  Whether you’re down to play to a half capacity GA crowd, a limited and socially distanced reserved seating show, or to a closed set, we are opening up booking and ready to fill our calendar with stage shows and podcasts! Along with ticket sales, your show will be professionally broadcast with your tip information on screen. You will also get a copy of the video, with tip graphics, to do with as you please. If you are not local to the Kansas City area and itching to get on the road again, we have you covered!  We’ve always housed our bands touring through.  Let’s make it an extended two, or even three night residency and make the most out of your gas tank.  Feel free to contact me at for consideration and brainstorming!

We need your support!

As a music venue, and as artists hanging on for dear life in 2020, we need your help now more than ever. We have been able to fund a portion of these upgrades through our wonderful friends at Four Roses Bourbon, who will graciously be sponsoring our live broadcasts over the next several months.  Please be sure to head over to their socials and give ‘em a big old thank you!  These guys have been with us from the start and have been a wonderful partner to live music in Kansas City.  However, audio and video gear isn’t cheap, and artists deserve to be paid fair.  Past the generosity of Four Roses Bourbon, Capital One has set the budget for this project and according to them, the budget is up for now.  Ultimately, my goal is to once again be able to offer reasonable guarantees to the artists, further upgrade our band facilities and production, and employ a few part timers to help me out on the digital side of things.  If you dig what we’re doing and have the ability, please consider supporting us on Patreon!  We have a few different tiers set up with some great perks.   You can also support this project by buying merchandise on our online store.  Most importantly though, tune in, like, share, and tip the hell out of the musicians!

To our old friends, we appreciate you and your support of live music over the years.  To our new friends, welcome to the family and we look forward to getting to know you; in person or online!

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