Online Merchandise Now Available!

Hey folks!  We know it’s been a tough year to make it into your favorite watering hole and live music room for many, if not most of you.  We’ve missed you and cannot wait to get back to being stage side with you once again!

If you’re one of those stylish cats we see out roaming midtown, or if your distant and simply want to help out and support the venue, we  have put together a fancy little online store for you through Printful!

If you have been in, you’ve seen we have a wonderful selection of extra-smalls, and XXL shirts available, but not much else.  We promise, once we get our shit together over here, we’ll be getting all that wonderful swag back in from our friends over at Seen Merch!

Until then, grab yourself a hoodie and be the envy of 3 or 4 people from Midtown Kansas City!

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