We love the Old No. 5s at the Westport Saloon. Aside from the occasional Sublime cover they play just to piss me off, these guys are about as talented as they come and deliver a stellar show whether playing to 25 people like tonight, or to a packed house like the memorable evening of the Kansas City Chiefs Superbowl Victory! While Covid 19 has stunted touring and live shows this year, we have been amazingly fortunate to have these fellas filling regular slots over the past few months, playing to small but mighty crowds under Kansas City’s Covid 19 restrictions. You might even call them the Westport Saloon residents for 2020! Joining them in these ranks, are Mahan and the Taylor Smith Trio. All three acts are 3 piece blues and rock acts fronted by monster guitarists, Brock Alexander, Howard Mahan, and Taylor Smith respectively. Tonight, we had the pleasure of having all three guitarists sit in on the last set for a great preview of next weekend’s Halloween Super Jam hosted by Howard Mahan! If you haven’t made plans for your Halloween yet, put us on your calendar and plan accordingly. If you have made plans, cancel them and get your priorities straight. Live Music is alive and well in Kansas City. Keep supporting it!

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