Your Favorite Kansas City Whiskey bar

Your Favorite Kansas City Whiskey bar

When you think of bars, some wouldn’t automatically attach a certain type of alcohol to it, such as a whiskey bar; they just know they want a beverage. At The Westport Saloon, their pride and joy, along with their music, food menu, and wonderful staff, is their whiskey selection. If you’re not experienced in whiskey drinking, some of the bartenders at the Saloon would recommend Four Roses Bourbon as a good starting point. Luckily, Four Roses just so happens to be the Westport Saloon’s well whiskey, although it is definitely overqualified to be so.

If you’re looking for something on a higher shelf, you can start by look at the Saloon’s cocktail menu that has their whiskeys broken up into categories: bourbon, rye, Irish, blended, and scotch. The Saloon carries some of the best, like John B. Stetson bourbon, Noah’s Mill bourbon, if you want to add a little spice to your life, and Knob Creek Rye, which one of our bartenders, Will, likes to drink on the rocks. There is a whiskey for everyone and multiple different ways you can drink them. You can enjoy any of our whiskeys on the rocks,writers-on-the-rocks-a-songwriters-circle-curated-tyler-giles-whiskey-bar neat, or in cocktails.

The Saloon recently came out with a new cocktail menu with many new additions; one of which being a vanilla-infused Four Roses bourbon, along with cherry and sweet vermouth. The Saloon calls it the Whiskey River. The Saloon also does a Traditional Old Fashioned. The menu features Four Roses, but the Saloon has over 80 kinds of whiskey to choose from.

Another whiskey the Saloon features is locally distilled in the West Bottoms in Kansas City: Rieger Whiskey. The Saloon has Rieger Whiskey on tap and can be used in any of our cocktails. If you’re looking to try your hand at whiskey drinking, The Westport Saloon is your best bet because there is definitely a style for everyone.