Lagunitas Brewing Co., Always Stirring the Pot

Lagunitas Brewing Co., Always Stirring the Pot

When news first hit of Westport Saloon opening, there were a bunch of nay-sayers who said we couldn’t do it. No way would we survive, they said. Bluegrass and Traditional Country were scoffed at for wanting to lay roots in Westport. Riot Room and Recordbar had live music covered in the area, and plus Who likes Country right? Wrong!! It turns out the Kansas City had an underlying sub culture full of 30 something guitar slingers who had been sparsely populating the other live music venues in KC and an entire party district full of unsuspecting folks who had no idea what traditional country, bluegrass or roots music was.


Point is, doing things against the grain is our way of life. That’s why we’re absolutely in love with the story of Lagunitas Brewing Company and the Lagunitas Undercover Investigation Shutdown Ale. These guys did things their own way for sure:

Lagunitas Undercover Investigation Shutdown Ale

Formed in the late 90’s in Lagunitas California, the microbrewery always had a very loose stance on the consumption of marijuana. So much, that they used clever “420” marketing in logos and product names. They pushed the image so hard, that their personal usage became important enough for the feds to get involved. After a long undercover investigation and a short government induced shutdown, Lagunitas was cleared of any wrongdoing. In fact undercover agents were never able to buy anything, though they were offered a puff here and there. Shortly after, in all of their antagonistic glory, the company launched The “ Lagunitas Undercover Investigation Shutdown Ale”. Lagunitas :1, Uncle Sam:0.


We’re happy to be aligned with a company that isn’t afraid to push boundaries. They’re also not afraid to support live music in Kansas City. As title sponsor at 2016’s Westport Roots Festival, Lagunitas supports us in our mission to put Kansas City on the map as the nation’s next music mecca.

Now go enjoy something from their amazing product line. We recommend it frost cold, while pushing someone’s comfort level.

The Westport Saloon features Lagunitas IPA, Pils, and Lagunitas Undercover Investigation Shutdown on tap, with several rotating brews in the bottle. Come in for happy hour and try some for just $2 a frosty pint! Monday thru Saturday 4 to 7 pm!