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Prichards Tennessee: 45% ABV Pritchard’s Distillery Davidson County, TN 8.00
Prichards Tenessee Whiskey

An easy drinking whiskey, made of white corn, aged 10 years in barrel, and bottled at 80 proof, this Tennessee Whiskey was released to celebrate the distillery’s 10th year of operation. It’s worth the wait, very much a Bourbon at heart, sweet caramel notes balanced by a body that hints at its corn-based roots, a little black pepper, and vanilla on the finish.
Nose: Sweet Vanilla, Charcoal, Molasses, honey, butterscotch
Palate: Smooth with a spicy kick Slightly smoky flavor with hints of butter
Finish: smooth, medium length


Prichards double Barrel: 45% ABV Pritchards Distillery Davidson County, TN 12.00
Prichards DoubleBarrelBourbon

Aged at normal cask strength for nine years, then watered down to 90 proof, and then re-barrel the cut whiskey in charred oak barrels a second time. A little harsh on the attack, it quickly reveals a huge and racy herbal character, tempered by brown sugar.
Nose: Oak, Vanilla, Carmel
Palate: Primarily Vanilla and Oak, lots of heat
Finish: Smooth,


Wathens: 47% ABV Charles W. Medley Distillery Owensboro, KY 12.00

This finest cereal grains – corn, rye, and malted barley – are selected, milled, and proportioned to exacting standards to produce a mash that awaits the magic of the fermentation process. The Medley family yeast, a zealously guarded secret handed down through eight generations, is then added to the mash. After double distilling, the whiskey is then stored in the finest charred new white oak barrels and allowed to age unhurried to its peak of flavor.
Nose: Leather, rye, peaches, caramel, oak, butterscotch, Vanilla
Palate: Rish butterscotch/corn in the opening. Spice and cinnamon at midpalate
Finish: Sweetness and spice

Four Roses Single Barrel: 50% ABV Four Roses Distillery Lawrenceburg, KY 9.00

Complex, full bodied and surprisingly smooth with a delicate long finish that’s unbelievably mellow. Contains hints of ripe plum and cherry tastes with fruity, spicy aromas including maple syrup and cocoa. Drink straight up or on the rocks.
Nose: Fruity, Spicy, floral, coaco, maple syrup
Palate: Hints or ripe plum and Cherries, robust, full body, mellow
Finish: smooth and delicately long


Four Roses Small Batch:45%abv Four Roses Distillery Lawrenceburg, KY 8.00
FourRoses Small Batch

Small batch Bourbon that rewards you with a mellow symphony of rich, spicy flavors along with sweet, fruity aromas and hints of sweet oak and caramel. Finishes soft, smooth and pleasantly long. Best enjoyed straight up, on the rocks, or with a splash
Nose: Spicy, Rich, Mellow, Fruity, hints of oak and caramel
Palate: Creamy, mellow, ripened red berries, rich, spicy, well balanced, moderately sweet
Finish: Soft, smooth and pleasantly long.

Four Roses Limited Small Batch: 54.5-63.8 ABV Four Roses Distillery Lawrenceburg, KY 15.00

Generous creamy vanilla, light oak and cherry cordial aromas. Bright splashes of raspberry and apricot greet the palate, giving way to subtle tones of nutmeg and cocoa. Then mellow flavors of cherry and vanilla bean define the long, luxurious finish
Nose: Creamy Vanilla, light oak and Cherry, cordial Aromas
Palate: Raspberry and apricot with subtle tones of nutmeg and coca
Finish: Cherry and Vanilla Bean


Four Roses Limited Single Barrel: 46.5% ABV Four Roses Distillery Lawrenceburg, KY 15.00
Four Rose LimitedEdition single barrel

Master Distiller hand selected it from our 10 distinct Bourbon recipes because of the unique clove and fruit aromas that mingle delicately with hints of sweet toffee and brown sugar. Creamy mint and bright flavors of ripe cherries, vanilla and pear entertain your palate, then give way to a long, smooth finish of candied fruit and sweetened oak.
Nose: Candied fruit and clove
Palate: Creamy and fresh with vibrant flavors of ripe cherries, red currants, pear, vanilla, and caramel.
Finish: Mellow, sweetened oak and candied fruit

Four Roses Yellow Label: 40% ABV Four Roses Distillery Lawrenceburg, KY 4.50

Cheap and fucking Delicious
Nose: Fruity, gentle spice, honey
Palate: Crisp yet soft and smooth, fresh fruit, hints of pear and apple
Finish: Soft and smooth


Noahs Mill: 57.5% ABV Kentucky Bourbon Disstillers Bardstown, KY 11.00

Even at a relatively high proof, Noah’s Mill is notable for robust aromas and flavors rather than heat. This bourbon is carefully aged until it has reached its peak, perfectly balancing liveliness and maturity. The full-bodied palate is surprisingly smooth and delightfully complex; flavors of toast, leather, coffee, dried fruit, brown sugar, and caramel linger through a long finish without any of the cloying sweetness of some lower-proof bourbons.
Nose: Coffee, toffee, caramel
Palate: Rye, Vanilla, Cream, spicy cloves, heavy oak and tannins
Finish: Long and satisfying, smooth

High West Prairie Reserve: 46% ABV Park City Saloon and Distillery Park City UT 8.00

 High West Prairie ReserveBlends together a 6 year bourbon distilled and aged at the old Seagrams plant in Lawrenceburg Indiana with a mash bill of 75% corn, rye and 5% barley along with a 10 year old bourbon from four roses. Oak is the star player accompanied by cinnamon, Vanilla, caramel and light honey. The finish is medium and very dry with oak spice riding atop honey cinnamon.
Nose: Dark fruit leather, overripe strawberry, vanilla, toasted marshmellow
Palate: Pepper, strawberry jam, grainy rye flavor rounds it out
Finish: Cherry Licorice and a hint of sherry fading into green apples and barley


High West Double Rye: 46% ABV Park City Saloon and Distillery Park City, UT 8.00

A blend of two straight whiskeys, a very young 2 year old year old high rye and a 16 yr. old low rye. Complex notes of mint, clove, cinnamon, licorice root, pine nuts, and dark chocolate.
Nose:Gin botanicals, Juniper, Pine Sap, Evergreem, Eucalyptys, Menthol,mint, fresh herbs, honey, with lurking oak character.
Palate: Immediate Rye punch, then ginm menthol, mint, wildflower, honey and sugar
Finish: Long and lingering with a honeyed sweetness and warm rye spice.


High West Son of Bourye: 46% ABV Park City Saloon and Distillery Park City, UT 8.00

High West “Son of Bourye” is created from five year old bourbon (featuring a mash bill of 75% corn, 20% rye and 5% barley malt) and three year old rye (composed of 95% rye and 5% barley malt).
Palate: Orange Peel, clove, pepper, dried herbs and oak
Finish: Vanilla Sweetness , spicy



High West Campfire: 46% ABV Park City Saloon and Distillery Park City, UT 8.00
High west campfire

High West “Campfire” is a fascinating blend of bourbon, rye and Scotch whiskies which have each been matured for five years or more. The resulting spirit offers a bright, spicy nose with inviting notes of caramel, butterscotch, sandalwood, leather and pine resin, with an underlying touch of smoke and dried fruit. Complex notes of vanilla, honey, toffee, blueberry and black cherry appear on the palate and are accented by tones of nutmeg, cinnamon, orange zest and tobacco. A distinctive note of peat smoke lingers through the sweet and spicy finish.


Pure Kentucky XO: 53.5% Kentucky Bourbon Distillers, Bardstown Kentucky 8.00
Pure Kentucky XO

In keeping with family tradition, Pure Kentucky XO Small Batch Straight Bourbon Whiskey is an authentic Kentucky straight bourbon. Aged for about twelve years (“XO” meaning “extra old”), Pure Kentucky is bottled at an unusually robust proof of 107, yet is remarkably smooth and drinkable. The bourbon has an intense aroma of sweet vanilla, cedar and oak. The aroma yields to notes of spicy rye, vanilla and maple syrup, with hints of cherry. The slightly salty finish is long and smooth, with continued vanilla notes.

Rowans Creek: 50.5% ABV Kentucky Bourbon Distillers Bardstown, KY 12.00

Rowan’s Creek Straight Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey is named for the distillery’s limestone-filtered water source. This bourbon is distilled, aged, and bottled in small batches, and each bottle is hand-numbered with its batch number. At a full 100.1 proof, this is assertive stuff, yet it is still delightfully sippable. Slightly lighter than Noah’s Mill, it displays caramel, dried fig, smoke, cedar, leather, white fruit, and dried flower notes on the nose and palate. Complex and intriguing, this is a special whiskey for any occasion.


Larceny: 46% ABV Heaven Hill Distillery Bardstown, KY 8.00

Dedicated to John E. Fitzgerald and the Old Fitzgerald brand, Larceny Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is blended from barrels which have been matured for six to twelve years on the fourth, fifth and sixth floors of Heaven Hill’s open rick warehouses. Created with wheat as the secondary grain, instead of the traditional rye, Larceny offers intriguing notes of sweet corn, fresh bread, toffee, brown sugar and vanilla, accentuated by hints of cinnamon, roasted nuts and caramel. Notes of oak, baking spice and honey emerge on the finish.

Old Pouge Masters Select: 45.5% ABV Old Pouge Distillery Bardstown, KY 10.00

This true small-batch bourbon is delicate and nuanced, with enticing aromas of maple, stone fruit and brown sugar. Sweet corn, caramel and grain appear on the palate, finishing boldly. This is a true sipping bourbon, perfect for enjoying straight


Stetson Bourbon: 42% ABV Private Label out of KY 8.00

Crafted using both rye and wheat in the mashbill (in addition to corn and barley, of course), the whiskey is double distilled in traditional copper pot stills and aged for four years in oak (though no age statement is officially offered). On the nose: Some corn, and a bit of vaporous heat. Underneath, sugar, orange peel, and cherries. There’s also some Irish whiskey-like banana character in the mid-palate, with a corn chip kicker on the finish.


Bowman Brothers Single Barrel: 45% ABV A Smith Bowman Distillery Fredericksburg VA 9.00

This small Batch Bourbon has been distilled three times using the finest corn, rye, and malted barley, after many years of aging in new Charred Oak Barrels this 90 proo Virginia Bourbon will please even the most discerning palate. The nose is warm like the Virginia Summer. It’s complex flavor has hints of vanilla and oak while the finish is smooth and mellow like a quiet night on the front porch. Enjoy Straight, over Ice or with a splash of water.

John Bowman Single Barrel: 50%ABV A. Smith Bowman Distillery Fredericksburg, VA 12.00
john_j_bowman_single barrel

Right upfront is a kick of sweetness, like sugary maple frosting, maple syrup, and brown sugar. Red apples and cherry pie transition to a rich charred oak, cinnamon spice, roasted nuts and a heavy dose of toasted and buttered rye bread and orange rind in the back. The spices and oak finish up a relatively sweet sip that is well rounded and plenty complex. decent length finish that leaves that dark sugary flavor lingering with a slightly bitter charred oak and some hot spice.

Jim Beam: 40% ABV American Stillhouse Claremont, KY 5.50

Made with corn, rye, barley, and malt. Jim Beam Kentucky Bourbon is the original recipe of the Jim Beam collection. Pretty much just a good way to get nice and drunk for cheap.




Jim Beam Signature Craft 12 year: 86% ABV American Stillhouse Claremont, KY 9.00

Jim Beam 12 Year Old Signature Craft Bourbon Whiskey was released in 2013 and is one of the oldest bourbons Jim Beam has ever released. Despite its age, Noe was able to manage the woodiness of the bourbon quite well. As a result, the bourbon has soft, sweet notes of marzipan, creamy vanilla, honey and cinnamon that are complemented by a subtle oaky undertone. In addition, the finish intensifies the notes of vanilla, caramel and oak, and is complemented by a touch of smoke.

Makers Mark 46 : 47% ABV Makers Mark Distillery Loretto KY 9.00
Makers Mark 46

Traditional Maker’s Mark smell, but with a lot more sweetness and kick. It keeps that sweet vanilla and honey scent, but again, you can tell that Maker’s 46 has more to offer than its predecessor. It has a bit more alcohol on the nose and a lot more wood. Maker’s 46 does exactly what it sets out to do. Plenty of sweetness from classic wheated Maker’s profile, as well as bunch more spice and balance from the oak. Honey, caramelized sugar and red berries load the front end of the sip, with a decent vanilla spice, a light dash of cinnamon sugar, and a perfect amount of charred oak to help balance the sweetness.
Makers 46 is aged in French Oak Staves. The staves create a bolder more complex flavor while eliminating the bitterness of whiskeys which are aged longer.

Makers Mark: 45% ABV 8.00

Instead of having an expiration date at the warehouse after a certain number of years, Maker’s bottles based on taste. Warehouse personnel also routinely rotate barrels of aging bourbon from the top floors of the warehouse to the bottom to benefit from the difference in temperature and improve consistency in the aging as the seasons change. As the barrels reach maturity, each must be approved by expert tasters before its contents are poured.


Bakers: 53.5% Abv American Stillhouse Clarmont,KY 10.00

Named after Baker Beam, grand nephew of the legendary Jim Beam, Bakers Bourbon is seven-years-old and hand-bottled at 107 proof. Embracing over six generations of distilling experience, Baker’s Bourbon utilizes a special strain of jug yeast that has been in his family for over 60 years. This time tested yeast provides Baker’s with a silky smooth texture and consistent taste from batch to batch.

Basil Haydens: 40% ABV American Stillhouse Claremont KY 10.00
basil haydens Kentucky Bourbon

One of four in Beam Industries small batch bourbon collection. Basil Hayden’s is a singular bourbon that bridges the flavors of spicy rye whiskies and sweet small batch bourbon. It displays aromas of spice, tea, and peppermint, while on the palate, spicy and peppery notes lead into a honeyed sweetness




Bookers: 60.50-63.50% ABV Amercan Stillhouse Claremont KY 11.00

One of Four in Beam industries small batch bourbon Collection. Bookers is the first bourbon bottled straight from the barrel, uncut and unfiltered. Bottled at it’s natural proof and aged 6-8 years. Booker’s Bourbon delivers a range of intense flavors from oak tannin and smoky vanilla to lighter tones of mocha and coffee



Knob Creek: 50% ABV American Stillhouse Claremont KY 8.00

One of the Four in Bean industries small batch bourbon collection. Knob Creek bourbon was created in the style of turn of the century bourbon. Knob Creek embodies the bold flavor that has made Kentucky famous for bourbon. Aged the longest of the Small Batch Bourbons – 9 years – in charred American white oak, it strikes the senses with a maple sugar aroma, distinctive sweetness and rich, full-bodied flavor. Knob Creek is perfect straight or cooled slightly with one or two ice cubes.


Knob Creek Single Barrel: 60% ABV American Stillhouse Claremont KY 9.00

Handcrafted in limited quantities, Knob Creek® is aged nine years to fully draw out the natural sugars in its charred white oak barrels. As a result, this exceptional, full-bodied bourbon strikes the senses with a maple sugar aroma, distinctive sweetness and rich, woody, caramel flavor with a long, smooth finish. Made at 100 proof and created to reflect the flavor, strength, care and patience that defined pre-prohibition whiskey, Knob Creek is perfect straight or cooled slightly with one or two ice cubes.
Nose: Robust Vanilla and Caramel Notes, slightly smokey
Palate: Deep and complex flavors of Vanilla, nuts, and oak
Finish: Long and full; perfect for easygoing sipping

Bulliet Bourbon: 45% ABV 6.50

Bulleit Bourbon is made by following the small-batch technique inspired by Augustus Bulleit over 150 years ago. Only the highest quality ingredients are used. Bulleit Bourbon’s subtlety and complexity stem from its unique blend of rye, corn and barley malt, along with special strains of yeast. Because
Bulleit Bourbon is especially high in rye content, it has a bold and spicy character with a distinctively smooth, clean finish.
Nose: Dense Aromas of lacquered sandalwood, melted vanilla toffee, clay and pickling spices.
Palate: A plush satiny medium full body and a rich chewy dried fruit pastry, mineral and warming spice flourish.
Finish: Finely etched and balanced

Woodford Reserve 45.2% ABV Woodford Reserve Distillery Versailles KY 10.00

The mashbill for Woodford Reserve features a high percentage of rye: 72% corn, 18% rye and 10% malt. Unusual also for being triple distilled and having the lowest proof upon entering the barrel where it matures for at least six years. A must have Kentucky bourbon. Makes a wonderful Old-Fashioned cocktail!
Nose: Heavy with rich dried fruits, hints of mint and oranges covered with a dusting of cocoa. Faint Vanilla and Tobacco Spice
Palate: Rich, chewy, rounded and smooth, with complex citrus, cinnamon, and cocoa
Finish: Silky smooth, almost creamy at first with a long, warm satisfying tail.

Buffalo Trace: Buffalo Trace Distillery Frankfort, KY 6.50

Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is distilled, aged and bottled at the most award-winning distillery in the world. Made from the finest corn, rye and barley malt, this whiskey ages in new oak barrels for years in century old warehouses until the peak of maturity. The taste is rich and complex, with hints of vanilla, toffee and candied fruit. The smooth finish lingers on the palate
Nose: Elegant aromas of buttery caramel, toasted nuts, and brown spices
Palate: Rich and complex with hints of vanilla toffee and candied fruit
Finish: smooth finish

Breckenridge Bourbon 43% ABV Breckenridge Distillery Co 8.00

Nose: Tropical Fruits, citrus, creamy, vanilla, marshmellows, wheat,
Palate: Caramel, demerara, creamy, marzipan, nougat, vanilla, apricot, cranberry, dates, raisins, sherry, citrus, wheat, silky
Finish: White pepper, wood, pine, rich, smooth, complex



Elmer T Lee. 45% ABV Buffalo Trace Distillery Frankfort KY 8.00

Medium gold in color; the nose brings notes of butterscotch, clover, vanilla, and old leather. The big body bears a palate with an almost wine-like character that balances intense fruits, honey, and vanilla with a light spiciness that shows off the distiller’s craft. The finish is long and warm
Nose: Notes of butterscotch
Palate: alsmost wine-like charcter that balances intense fruite honey and vanilla with a light spice that shows off the distillers craft
Finish: Long and Warm


Colonel E.H. Taylor Small 50% ABV Batch Buffalo Trace Distillery Frankfort KY 11.00

Nose: Caramel Corn, sorghum, vanilla fudge, red apple and rich wood spices, gorgeous sweet, mildly fruity nose with a balance of wood.
Palate: Butterscotch, corn, molasses, cinnamon heat, and wood astringency, some bitterness sets up in late sip.
Finish: Cinnamon and wood notes to prevail-moderately long finish for a flatter palate profile

Blantons Single Barrel 47% ABV Blantons Distilling Company Frankfort KY 11.00


Nose: A spicy aroma of dried citrus and orange peels with a hint of caramel and vanilla
Palate: Full and soft, marked by a mix of burnt cloves
Finish: Muted but well balanced with Vanilla Honey and Citrus




Wild Turkey 101 50% ABV Wild Turkey Distillery Lawrenceburg KY 6.50
wild-turkey-101Nose: Aromas of caramel buttercream, roasted pecans, milk chocolate
Palate: Delicate baking spices with soft, supple fruity yet dry
Finish: Long, rich and full bodied





Wild Turkey Rare Breed 54.1% ABV Wild Turkey Distillery Lawrenceburg KY 7.50

Nose: Dene aromas of roasted whole nuts, peppercorns, banana custard pie
Palate: Hints of light oranges, mint and tones of sweet Tobacco
Finish: Long, warm and nutty lingers in the mouth with hints of hot peppers and well toasted whole wheat bread


Russelss Reserve 10yr 45% ABV Wild Turkey Distillery Lawrenceburg KY 8.00

Nose: rich in vanilla, oak and toffee
Palate: white pepper and orange peel
Finish: Smooth and mellow




Russells Reserve Single Barrel 55% ABV Wild Turkey Distillery Lawrenceburg KY 9.00

Nose: rich Caramel, toffee, creamy vanilla, dried apricots, and honey. Wood, spices (cinnamon and clove) crushed rock and barrel
Palate: Creamy with caramel and Vanilla. Charred Barreled notes
Finish: Lots of warmth, spice and a moderate lingering sweetness



Rhetoric (Orphan Barrel) 45% ABV Orphan Barrel Whiskey Distilling Co. 13.00

Nose: Smoke, leather, oak Cinnamon, caramel, apple cider and toasted nuts
Palate:Heavy notes of oak, some rye. Minor hints of dried fruit. Small amount of chocolate
Finish: Medium Length minor notes of rye and bitter. Tastes a higher proof than what it is.


Eagle Rare Single Barrel 10yr 45% ABV 9.00

Nose: Complex aromas of toffee, hints of orange peel, herbs, honey, leather and oak
Palate: Bold, dry, oaky flavors with notes of candied almonds and very rich cocoa
Finish: Dry and lingering




Ezra Brooks Single Barrel: 48.5% ABV 11.00

Nose: vanilla, toffee, bergamont, baking spice, stone fruit, and red berries
Palate: a medium to full body with a rich sweetness of vanilla, honey, and a hint of chocolate.
Finish: toasty long finish




Rip Van Winkle 12 yr. 45% ABV 15.00

Nose: butterscotch on the nose with the soft sweetness of suger

Palate: soft with gentle spices, charcoal, cinnamon bark, hints of cold coffee

Finish: pertains to sweetness, but really the beauty of this is the aromatic savouriness that lies underneath the caramel.





Rip Van Winkle 10 yr. ABV 13.00

Nose: Sweet and soft, with notes of wheat, corn and custard. Caramel, candy floss and dried fruits
Palate: Rich and thick with notes of caramel, vanilla, dates, walnuts, coffee beans and soft oak. Very buttery and incredibly smooth.
Finish: Long and spicy and notes of gingernut biscuit and golden syrup on the tail.





Elijah Craig 12 yr. 47% ABV Heaven Hill Distillery 8.00

Nose: Caramel with fruit notes of apple and orange
Palate: Caramel, vanilla and butterscotch along with spices of black pepper and cinnamon in the back of the palate
Finish: Nice layered finish of all flavors; fades slowly with a hint of cool spearmint at the most lingering end